Crayola states that if you wash the fabric in cold water three times first, separately, and machine dry, it won't bleed but I haven't tried it. No bleeding! If the item has been waxed; use methylated spirits . Scrub the bathtub and rinse thoroughly. Don't make the mistake and use shellac based. The pencil pattern will transfer to the paper. paint You just need to follow the specific instructions from the manufacturer. plants I have a very large, heavy, oval silverplated butlers tray that I want to attach metal legs to, to make an end table or small coffee table. A top coat will prevent the paint from scratching and peeling off and it will protect the paint from liquids and dirt. It is sold for cutting boards and wooden bowls. BOARD PREP: To prep the board, I didn't clean it, but I DID give it a quick coat of Clear Spray Paint to help prep the surface.;redirect= Im sorry but I dont have a specific one I can recommend, I was using whatever my husband had in his work shop, and that was years ago. A thick paper is the best alternative if you are not using the preferable marker paper. Baking Soda."
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